Monday, September 7, 2015

The media won't report Chicago

    The Labor Day weekend in Chicago is drawing to a close with violence running rampant like it always does in the windy city. Current tally is six dead and twenty seven wounded. We add that number to the already staggering number of 308 killed this year alone in Chicago. 
    While #blacklivesmatter (BLM) activist want to go off on the current leftist narrative of cops killing blacks, they forget the TRUTH of blacks killing blacks. The current leftist media with the likes of NPR, PBS, Bloomberg, CNN, MSNBC won't dare cover any of the violence in Chicago because it clashes with the leftist narrative of cops are evil and BLM. 
     Of course though the news media is too stupid to realize how much their ratings tank on a weekly basis, and just blindly report whatever they are told by the left. Leaving the much more informed like you and me to ignore them. 
     If BLM wants to actually matter then stop the cop killing narrative and start reporting the black on black crimes that have claimed 308 lives in Chicago alone this year. 

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