Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Left Attacks Taylor Swift

   Apparently the leftist do not like it when your white and you film or it appears your filming in Africa. Also the leftist do not like the whiteness of your music video. Apparently that's a thing now. All over the low information leftist sphere of mainstream media Taylor Swift has committed the cardinal sin of being white in Africa.
 Amazing what leftist get upset at. Ooooh we are going to give Iran everything they want while they chant DEATH TO AMERICA! And the left is ok with that. Or the more popular video after video that has been released showing how Planned Parenthood are good at commiting concentration camp crimes that harvest organs of the unborn and born. And the left is ok with that.  But.....but..... Taylor Swift!!! That has to be stopped now! How dare she shows her whiteness!

  Does anyone at all see the stupidity of these people for who they really are??? Commonsense would be the exact opposite for I think the majority of the country.

   The Iran plan is terrible it's basically saying hey we will leave the supervision of the playground sandbox and you can do or build whatever you want to bully the other kids in the sandbox. Planned Parenthood commits murder plain and simple. You want to argue unborn and born well watch the videos and if that doesn't bother you then you have no soul. Taylor Swift is a celebrity who made a music video. On the scale of I give a damn I give it a whopping minus 1000.

Leftist pull your heads out of your ass take a big look at commonsense.

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