Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Hitler Youth (White House Staffers) Party

        So we all know Marie Harf, otherwise known as the bimbo mouthpiece of the Obama administration. Well this idiot and other idiots from the administration had the audacity to party the night away on September 11th. Harf is known for her stupidity in promoting the Iran deal and falsely blaming the Benghazi attacks on a YouTube video.
      On the night of 9/11 the so called government officials (or as I like to call them MORONS) decided it was ok to party the night away and celebrate the Iran deal that will more than likely kill many innocents. On top of all that by doing it on 9/11 they disrespect the four killed in Benghazi and the over two thousand killed in 2001.

It goes to prove just because you are appointed a position doesn't always mean your competent to be in the position. These are leftist morons at their best. As for Harf and the other Hitler youth I hope they end up working fast food after their horrendous jobs being part of the disastrous Obama Administration.

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