Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Great Distractor

   Barrack Obama has been many things in his six plus years as President, but there is one thing he is great at..... distracting the American people. That's why he is presented and will always have the honor of being the Great Distractor.
   His latest distraction from the economy, ISIS, the Iran deal, illegal immigration, and the killing of cops is as you probably guessed climate change. The left absolutely love to wave inconclusive data and non factual information in your face to fear monger you into believing what was once global warming into now climate change. See how easy it is to change a phrase. In the 70s it was global cooling. The 80s through 2010 global warming. Now it's climate change!
  Forget that the economy is attached on a rope with China or we are 18 trillion in debt which 10 trillion is Obama's fault. Forget that ISIS is slaughtering thousands and persecuting Christians and other non muslim believers. Forget that illegals come over the border can't speak english, have no clue whats going on, and kill citizens. Forget that cops are being executed in the streets. You have to care about climate change.
  The mainstream media is doing a good job of making people forget too. All you see is the vacation to Alaska of the Great Distractor! Let me take a selfies and promote climate change. Forget that my jet Air Force One pumped thousands of co2 emissions getting here, or that nature itself pumps out billions of emissions each year. Forget that a volcano spews millions of emissions that would take upteen years for all the cars in the world combined to spew out.
 The fact is that this President is amazing when it comes to distracting. Climate change is still debated as not proven by scientist that know tons more than the Great Distractor. So in conclusion what does the worst President in history do while the world is on fire? He goes to Alaska to dangle shiny keys in front of the low information crowd.

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