Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Execution of Americans

The horrific events in the past few weeks have been appalling to say the least. With the on air execution of a cameraman and news anchor, the death of law enforcement. The sad truth is that the racist hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is to blame as well as statements made by the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan.

The #BlackLivesMatter narrative is that white cops do nothing but kill black citizens and get away with murder. The TRUTH is from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is that between 1999 to 2011 when the data was carried out that 2,151 whites died by being shot by police officers and only 1,130 blacks died by police. Now you take the 1,130 blacks that were shot and killed during a 12 year span and that averages 94 killed per year by cops. 94 a year compared to the 45,003,665 African Americans living in the United States.

The TRUTH is that Police Officers are trained to be peace keepers and protectors of citizens but they are not perfect. Every job has a few people who make bad decisions. However law enforcement officials know that pulling the trigger is always last resort.

What started this hatred of whites and cops narrative was Michael Brown in Ferguson. It has been documented in the news and in the local Ferguson government that Brown committed crime, resisted arrest, and assaulted a police officer Darren Wilson. Wilson took a beating and used deadly force when he felt his life being threatened by this 18 year old man who knew better than to commit these crimes and assault the officer.

The mainstream news media in turn spun the truth and lied about the incident sparking riots in the streets of Ferguson that resulted in mostly African American owned and Asian American owned stores being damaged, burned, or destroyed. Now where is the sense in that? What leads networks like CNN, MSNBC to lie and in turn cause unnecessary destruction and pain from an officer doing his duty?

After Ferguson we saw this again in New York and in Baltimore with the same results. And in the Freddie Grey case half of the police officers indicted were African Americans. Now I am all for an officer being punished if he or she deliberately harasses or kills someone but ALL the facts MUST be given before judgement can be made AND the MAINSTREAM NEWS must be honest and give facts not speculation or out right lies.

All of these acts led up to the cold blooded murders of police officers and local news anchors by blacks. The DOJ and Barrack Obama going after Ferguson and Darren Wilson, again going after the Baltimore Police. Social media twitter low information users who have no idea what they are talking about tweeting for dead cops on #BlackLivesMatter. Louis Farrakhan in Miami called for 10,000 blacks to kill the whites. The Black Panthers roam the streets shouting kill the pigs. The TRUTH is All lives matter and by having blacks kill law enforcement and whites in the street will unravel all of what the civil rights movement was all about. And permanently stamp the stereotype that many blacks have on them of being thugs.

Martin Luther King’s struggle was about unifying all Americans as equals, together for the single purpose of freedom for all races. The last couple of years have almost destroyed that unification and it is up to us to spread the truth.

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