Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pope a Dope

        Pope Francis came here on Obama's behalf and behalf of the illegals to stir the pot of tension even more. In his speech to congress he basically said shame on us for not letting the illegals have full citizenship. He also compared the illegal plight to that of native American slaughter.
        First off you can't even remotely compare the two! The native American slaughter was due to falsified peace treaties and misunderstandings that resulted in bloodshed. Also if you want to point the finger further at the native American slaughter point it as Spain, France, and England as well.
       Secondly illegal immigration is illegal. People who come to this country illegally are illegal just like they are in any other nation. Illegals are not pilgrims as Francis decided to call them, and they aren't to be admired. They are ruining legal immigrants who have waited ten years or more to come into this country legally and become a citizen.
        In order to be a citizen of another nation you first have to try and adopt to that nation's language, secondly adapt to their culture, and third pledge allegiance to your new nation. Illegals don't do any of that. Instead many come here with no money so they resort to stealing, they also think they can murder and rape who they want because all that will happen to them is deportation and then they can come back in. Your illegals who come here are also sleeper terrorist and Mexican cartel members who want nothing more than to wreck havoc on real citizens.
       Francis spoke on climate change too but we all knew he would and most of us continue to ignore him like we ignore Obama. Francis needs to pull his head out of his ass and stay out of our affairs.
We do not have an immigration problem in this country, we have an illegal problem.

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