Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pieces of Human Garbage

      People such as this upstanding human being (sarcasm) are part of the #fuckyoflag movement. A movement that calls for the end of white supremacy and US imperialism or in other words. People who think they are victims and decide to blame everyone else instead of themselves for their failures in life.
      People such as this lady up top think it is ok to give the bird and wipe her ass with the US Flag. People like her are as I said in the title pieces of garbage. For one you live in a country where you have the 1st amendment. That amendment allows you freedom of speech and freedom of expression. She has decided to express herself by showing us one how stupid she is and two to disrespect the flag of the country that allows her to do this.
      By wiping her ass with the flag she in turn disrespects every single United States Veteran the living and the honored dead. She takes her freedom for granted and decides to use it in the worst way possible.
     Now the movement itself is pathetic. Along with the #fuckyoflag movement is the #blacklivesmatter movement who are both calling for violence on 9/11 against cops and whites. So not only do you disrespect me and my flag you are now going to disrespect the honored dead of 9/11 the souls of those innocent lives whose lives were taken away by radical Islamist that these idiots would probably embrace.
   Both groups are hate groups and should even be branded as terrorist groups. I hope that all of them get what they deserve a swift beating. All of them need a history lesson and to understand what freedom really is and the sacrifices people have made in order for this piece of human garbage to wipe her ass with my flag.

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