Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Liberal strategy never changes

       So the media is now calling Trump and Carson bigots because of their remarks about Islam. Forget the fact that ISIS is killing thousands of innocents, lone wolf attacks are carried out world wide daily, and that their ideology is about convert or die.
       Yes now we have to apologize and wet our pants because Trump and Carson were speaking the truth once again. In many states across the country there are Muslim terrorist training camps just waiting on the call to unleash hell, but lets ignore that and focus on the poor poor Muslim plight.
       Liberals were quick as always to jump on the two candidates because that's what liberals do. If you say something they think they can milk they will milk it. Because Trump and Carson haven't apologized make the liberals livid and scared. Scared because their tactics aren't working as well as they used to. We finally have candidates who give a huge middle finger to the news media and the liberal strategy of stupidity.

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