Monday, September 21, 2015

Islam is still in the Dark Ages

        Christianity had it's Islamic violence period back during the middle ages. The difference back then was that Christianity was also the governmental law of the land. Fast forward hundreds of years the world has grown up. We now have separation of church and state meaning basically you can worship how you desire but religious laws cannot be enforced by the state.
         Islam however wants their religious laws enforced by the state. The push for sharia law is disturbing to say the least. First off let us define what sharia law is.

      Sharia law is Islamic religious law that governs not only religious rituals, but aspects of day-to-day life in Islam. Sharia, literally translated, means "the way."
      Islam has started making their push for Sharia law in Europe and even taking it upon themselves by arming groups to enforce the law against Muslims and non Muslims. Meaning if your a Christian, Jew, non believer in a sharia controlled area you can be beaten as punishment for not following sharia law. Sharia law is basically in a sense fascism. Plain and simple.

       Sharia law is slowly creeping into America and it must be stopped by any means necessary. It's a tool used by Islam to slowly take over a region or establish society dominance. If you want to follow Islam ok that is fine. But when you try to enforce it on others by violence then it becomes tyranny In this country you have religious freedom, but we will fight you on every street if you try to enforce your fascist sharia law against us.


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  1. No comments? Here's a collective, albeit unspoken one. We will not limit our street fighting to sharia but any Marxist or otherwise 'progressive' enforcement of coercion. There will be no talking. safe spaces nor limits of physical engagement. The silent majority is ready to demonstrate our Second Amendment versus your sticks & stones.