Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Iran says Israel will be gone in 25 years

   Khamenei said and I quote "That Israel will be gone in 25 years.". Hmmmm along with death to America chants you'd think these guys love us and our allies. So if we a five year old can see the evils of Iran why can't the Obama Administration?
   The Iran deal makes no sense. We gave them everything they wanted without even batting an eyelash. Their centrifuges still run strong, we can't inspect their Nuclear sites, and they have to be given notice that UN inspectors are coming so they can cover up everything. Now the deal is long and drawn out but that is it in a nutshell.
    The deal practically lays out a plan for Iran to develop Nuclear weapon capability which they will use on our ally Israel without a second thought. The deal must be stopped and the Iranians cannot get the use of nuclear arms or millions of people will die and all that blood will be on John Kerry and Barrack Obama's hands.
   Why on God's green earth would you trust a country that chants death to Israel and America. Where  the destruction of Israel is taught in all their educational facilities? It makes no sense.

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