Thursday, September 10, 2015

Intel now a Lifetime Movie

  So the company Intel has decided to support the left because of gamergate. Gamergate was caused by whiny leftist feminist who cried because pixels and polygons who look like women were being exploited. 99% of Americans didn't care about this and continued their lives as normal.
   Intel however decided to cave and in leftist fashion slashed jobs and millions of dollars in funding that could be used for creativity and research. Instead the money will support the feminist agenda. Meaning more Ben & Jerrys for everyone and more made for TV Lifetime movies where the man is always wrong.
  For gamers be on the look out for more feminist subject games such as the "Planned Parenthood Simulator" or the "Caveman adventure and the Advanced Woman". As for Intel the prices of their CPUs will go up now and therefore computers using Intel will go up in price. I would recommend AMD from now on.

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