Monday, September 28, 2015

Insanity at the UN

  At the UN today Iran decided to blame their disastrous stampede at Mecca on the Saudi's then turned around and blamed terrorism on the U.S and Israel. Those with commonsense can see Iran is insane because they are responsible for more than fifty percent of financing radical Islamic terrorism.
   Obama decided to contradict his own Secretary of State John "Lurch" Kerry and say we have to go after Assad. So let me get this straight we are working with the Russians to go after Syria but instead of going after the real barbarians ISIS we are going after Assad who is fighting ISIS.
   Further more in the same UN banter he calls on solving the world hunger crisis and poverty issues in his usual socialist liberal ideas. Here is an idea why not be an actual President and worry about the poverty of American citizens before trying to save the world and go completely nuts on your last term. Just my two cents on a really weird day of stupidity once again at the UN.

The UN where there is a lot of talking, but nothing gets done and we send the bill to Uncle Sam.

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