Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I used to like Glenn Beck

      Glenn Beck for me used to be someone I liked and respected. However in the past month it seems like he's having a nervous breakdown. He called Sarah Palin a clown (later apologized). Then he wants 10 million dollars donated so he can bring Christians here illegally? He basically is trying to create more problems than fix them.
      I understand the Christian plight with ISIS right now but bringing them here isn't going to solve the problem. You cannot expect to bring people here illegally and get a pat on the back for it unless your Obama. Then he rants about being bigger and saving more people than Oskar Schindler which is also bizarre.
       Lastly he hit the nail in the coffin for me at least. When he said Tea Party conservative supporters of Donald Trump are racist I immediately cancelled my Blaze subscription. Beck needs to fix himself and figure out which side he is on before spouting off.

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