Saturday, September 19, 2015

Climate Morons

      So the Climate Change alarmist are trying to pull a Stalin/Hitler and send all of us climate deniers to the gulag or stalag depending on how you view the climate change morons. Lead by an idiot names Kevin Trenberth, this guy is the lead writer for the UN IPCC the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change or  as I would call it the New KGB.
      Funny thing about the UN IPCC they said there hasn't been a change in climate change in 16 years. Hmmm hilarious. Furthermore climate morons are blinded by falsified data that has been documented and proven false by REAL scientist who said the data has been tampered with. These REAL scientist do not fall under a political agenda and use facts not politics to come to their conclusions.
      So Kevin here sent a letter saying in a nut shell we need to throw the climate deniers in prison. Oh really Kevin? I'm sorry but this is America where I can disagree with your stupid ass. The fact that you threaten people like me and REAL scientist for throwing us into prison because we don't believe the sky is falling is a dick move. The kind of dick move that the following people below would make.

      So in conclusion Kevin Trenberth (or as I like to call you now an uneducated climate moron) if you want to turn the clock back and follow the path of these murderers above be my guess. But fair warning history has proven time and time again we free loving free thinking people gun people like you down if you push for aggression against us. So come on liberal douche show me what you got.

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