Friday, September 11, 2015

Chris Pratt, I tip my hat to you sir.



I always liked Chris Pratt, from "Parks and Recreation" to his movie roles. He has broken out as a Hollywood star. Today on 9/11 he tweeted this.

In the face of unexpected violence, most of us freeze. We crumble. We pray. We cry. But a select few stand up, join up and take the fight to the enemy, in the name of justice.

This September 11th I am doing something I invite all of you to do as well. I'm posting a video to ‪#‎ThankAVeteran‬

Then continued....

“No matter where you land politically in terms of our countries involvement in foreign affairs, or the two wars we’ve been in post 9/11 there is no doubting the courage and valor men like Mike Day have shown. He is a warrior in the true sense of the word,” Pratt wrote. “And I’d like to think what separates our country from other countries is that we have a population of people who will see to it that Mike and people like Mike are given the care they deserve.”

I encourage any of you who read this to follow the example Chris has done and #ThankAVeteran

Also thank you Chris Pratt from one Veteran who appreciates what your doing.

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