Friday, September 25, 2015

Boehner is gone and RINOs call us Crazy

      Boehner is out as speaker of the house and that right there is a win. However Boehner did threaten us with pushing Obama's agenda through before he left. Meaning a surrender to the Planned Parenthood murderers. In any case he is now gone and that proves that the conservative message is being pushed through.
      Rep Peter King called us the crazy ones. I'm sorry Representative King, but all we want is less government, less taxes, a secure border, a balanced budget, fix the debt, secure freedom, and people who actually care about American citizens and not illegals. So Boehner is gone and hopefully a true conservative will take his place and finally stop the craziness Obama has done the past 7 years. We are on the last year of his admin and putting a real conservative as Speaker is the way to stop the madness.

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