Monday, September 7, 2015

Bergdahl charged Misbehavior Towards the Enemy

  The biggest piece of crap of both the Iraq and Afghan wars is of course Bowe Bergdahl. On top of being charged with desertion from his post. He is now charged with misbehavior towards the enemy, basically meaning he helped them in any way he could.
   We all know the story. Obama traded terrorist in gitmo who are again terrorizing for this piece of dishonorable human garbage. Forget the Americans way more deserving then this guy who are being held in Iran. We had to bring this idiot home. The hard TRUTH is that Bergdahl is a traitor to his unit, the Army, and his country. Life in prison or death should be his punishment. He not only is a traitor but a cause of the many killed in action who went out looking for him.

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