Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Arguing with Leftist

    Have you ever been frustrated when arguing with a Liberal? I know I have. However through trial and error I have come to realize some simple facts when arguing. The first is that you can't argue with a leftist no matter how hard you try.
   The reason is because they do not care about facts, truth, or logic. All they will hit you with no matter the conversation is that your either against love, children, or racist. Then they will try to shout you down. That is pretty much the Saul Alinsky playbook.
   Take pride in knowing that if you are in a conversation or arguing with a liberal that one you are more intelligent than they are, and two that you have commonsense. Commonsense is something that most liberals lack.
   The best thing to do to a liberal is not argue. Arguing with them will be a pointless venture mainly due to the fact they have made up their minds and are brainwashed. The key is to change the minds of the young people they try to brainwash with their leftist views. As long as your informed and have commonsense solutions the leftist will always lose when you ask him or her questions in front of a group of individuals who have yet to make up their minds about the ways of the country. Because all a liberal can say is your against love, children, or racist and you can easily respond intelligently to all three accusations and make the leftist look like an idiot.

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