Sunday, September 6, 2015

African American Conservatives

     Why do Democrats both black and white rush to condemn hatred for black conservatives. It probably has to do with jealousy and narrative. Let me explain both. I will start with the narrative side. First the Democratic narrative is that blacks are victims going back to slavery as well as before and after the civil rights. That they have to rely on government to get anywhere in life.
     Second it probably has to do with jealousy. Jealous that well educated black conservatives get good jobs, dress well, speak well, have strong families that stay together, and promote good moral values. Democrats look at them as Uncle Toms which to them is a derogatory term, but it is weird that they would call a conservative as an Uncle Tom. Uncle Tom was the hero in Stove's book.
    Democrats mainly white are angry that conservative blacks are so successful because it means that the democrat leftist narrative doesn't work. For every successful African American the democratic party becomes enraged because they lost another to the slavery of relying on government.
   The sad truth is that the Democratic party for many years has kept the black man down. Through support of Planned Parenthood they keep the population down with abortion, they make them lazy through relying on government programs, and they continue to push the narrative of jealousy towards an African American who doesn't want to play by the rules.
   Here is the truth. All African Americans are Americans meaning you have the same opportunities as any white person to be successful in this great nation of ours. All you have to do is educate yourself on how the Democratic party has always been the party of racism and hatred towards blacks.
   African American Conservatives have woken up to the slander and everyday racism that democrats put on their race. They have beaten the left by becoming successful and having strong families. The truth is democrats don't want you to be successful.

The best thing to do to conquer the democratic narrative is become a successful African American man or woman and spit in their faces by being strong.

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