Saturday, August 24, 2019

Climate Hoax

From the 1970s to now climate change has gone through an identity crisis, it’s been labeled global cooling to global warming and now climate change.

Truth is, the narrative changes because the real truth is this isn’t man made but natural. However, in order for more government control the books have to be cooked and manipulated, i.e 2009 when climatologists from the University of East Anglia, including some from NASA, were caught falsifying data to promote warmer climate. It’s been documented arctic sea ice is growing not melting, the polar bear population has grown as well. Gov funded organizations worldwide have promoted global warning based on 97% of scientists agree, that number is actually 43% from the PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. We’ve only recently in our history have documented climate and forecasted weather, there has always been catastrophic weather phenomena. These are documented facts not fantasy.

Lastly everyone speaks of renewable energy, but I’ll give you an example of environmental devastation all of us with electric cars, cell phones, computers, etc who are unwittingly a part of. A lithium mine along with nickel destroy huge acres of environment, while something like fracking only take up less than an acre.

I’m a millennial, not a boomer or gen x, and with what we know today fossil fuels combined with today’s technology are cheaper, cleaner, and will always be superior presently. With what we know about climate change, we do not have to go completely cow free and mud hut to curb something that isn’t that alarming.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Turn in your Gun Comrade!

The Washington Post recently decided to honor every victim of mass shootings in the past 54 years by printing their names in the paper. Yet that number was only 1,196. Now, I’m not belittling the victims’ memories, but if this number is correct, guns are the safest things to own besides socks.
Tens of thousands die every year from opioids, car crashes, work accidents and more. Yet we didn’t hear a peep about opioids until the Trump administration went to war against them.

So if guns are responsible for such a low number (not counting regular crime statistics and suicides), why is the left pearl-clutching and screaming anti-gun? Simple: It has nothing to do with mass shootings, victims or crime. It has to do with the American-citizen gun owner.

If the left disarms citizens, it’s easier to control them. Hitler disarmed the Jews, Stalin disarmed Soviet citizens, and now they want to disarm you. An armed citizen is dangerous to a tyrannical government; he or she keeps it in check. An armed citizen can defend him- or herself. Just look at Hong Kong and Venezuela. Let us learn from history and current events. Don’t be a sheep.

(I write letters for the Washington Times, I copy published ones over)

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Racism is a Dead Word

Racism, Leon Trotsky was among the first to use this word for political purposes. Trotsky would use the same strategy the left is using today by calling out anyone they wished as a racists, getting enough people to believe it, and thereby ending the debate. It's a strategy well taught in Saul Alinsky's book "Rules for Radicals", the bible if you will for the Democrat left.

It was the word used to quell President Obama's critics, and it has now been the word used too often at the current President. I have bad news for the left, and the low information crowd, but the word is dead. The President, congress, and millions like myself can criticize someone based not on race, but of corruption and failure. Baltimore is a dangerous city that has rats, that is a fact. Sen Hirono is incompetent, that fact is based on her record as a Senator, not her race. No one should be immune to criticism because of their race. That in itself is a dangerous concept.

I've heard racism so many times in the past three years that the word for many like myself has no longer any meaning. It's dead. However, if you want to live thinking the racial divide is still deep, and how dare I write this, then that is exactly how the mainstream media wants you to react. It is your choice.

"Racism is on life support - kept alive by politicians, race hustlers, and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as "racists". - Thomas Sowell

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Antifa, Communist Terrorists

Antifa, a loosely organized group of communists, have taken their political violence one step further. Due to the ignorance of a singer songwriter who couldn’t put down the weed from Woodstock, his ignorance led him to throw a molotov cocktail at an ICE facility in Washington state. That facility in turn gave him lead poisoning.

These pro communist losers who put panties on their faces, living with their working parents, and who would dare not work on their own have their minds filled with lies. Lies that have come from the ignorant far left in Congress, the lies spread by a fake news media machine, and the lies by a presidential candidate that led to the shooting of Rep. Scalise.

Antifa are communist revolutionaries who need to be labeled as a domestic terrorist organization. If they continue to up the violence, make no mistake they will be met with millions of law abiding gun owners who will make sure Antifa becomes a footnote in history.